Calculators Sold by Sumlock And Made By Other Companies
RUF Accounting Machines

RUF Accounting Machines.

Ian Partridge, who was a training instructor for Sumlock service engineers from 1968 until 1975, provides the information that "RUF" series of accounting machines were sold by Sumlock-Anita in the 1970s.

These machines were manufactured by Hohner (yes, the same as the musical
instrument makers!), and they were almost identical to the Nixdorf accounting machines which were marketed earlier by Sumlock. The RUF was, if I remember a licence-built (by Hohner) version of the Nixdorf machine. Nixdorf's was finished in beige, whereas RUF was grey.

Ian was fortunate to go on several courses with RUF in Zurich on these systems.

If you have photographs or any further information about these machines or other Anita calculators please get in touch with me.

Anita Desk Calculators Using LSI Integrated Circuits

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