ANITA Desk Calculators using both Transistor Logic & Integrated Circuits


ANITA 1011P with the cover over the printer removed.
 The printer mechanism appears to be the pioneering Epson EP-101.
Photograph courtesy of Roland Huisman at


Power supply - AC mains.

Printout only.

4-function, %, storage, (Reverse Polish Notation).

Introduced 1971.

Price: £398 GBP (about US$1000).[1]

Made in England by Sumlock Anita Electronics Ltd, distributed by Sumlock Comptometer Ltd.

Anita 1011P advertisement

Advertisement for the ANITA 1011P from January 1971.

The journal "Engineering" reported[2]:
"By replacing parts of the circuitry with two integrated circuit chips, room has been made for the printing mechanism while keeping the size of the calculator down to 270 mm wide x 340 mm deep (10.5 x 13.5 in).  The chips, one of which carries 750 MOS [Metal-Oxide Semiconductor] transistors, are being supplied by Plessey Microelectronics and Marconi-Elliott Microelectronics".


For some users, accountants for example, a permanent print of a calculation and its result was required.  Early electronic calculators with printers were something of a rarity, and nine years after the introduction of the first ANITA electronic calculator this was the first ANITA with a printer.  Though previously the company had filled this gap in its products by marketing the Wanderer Conti model which was manufactured in Germany by the Wanderer company.



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Anita Desk Calculators using both Transistor Logic & Integrated Circuits

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