ANITA Electronic Desk Calculators using LSI Integrated Circuits


Known ANITA LSI (Large Scale Integration integrated circuit) Desktop Calculators and their introduction dates:

Note that some of the later models with displays may be referred to with or without a "D" designation, to distinguish them from the printer models with a "P" designation.  For example the 1211 LSI was also referred to as the 1211D.

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Anita 1000 LSI
Anita 1011 LSI
Anita 1011B LSI
Anita 1211 LSI
Anita 12312
Anita 1233D


Anita 1233P

ANITA 500P & SFK variants

Anita 500P

ANITA Business Computer

Anita Business Computer

The Bell Punch Company & the Development of the Anita Calculator
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