The First ANITA Electronic Desk Calculators using LSI Integrated Circuits


This page lists examples of the first ANITA electronic calculators using LSI (Large Scale Integration) integrated circuits.  These are very distinctively styled desktop calculators using 'Nixie'-type numerical display tubes.  Known models:

Note that some of the later models with displays may be referred to with or without a "D" designation, to distinguish them from printer models with a "P" designation.  For example the 1211 LSI was also referred to as the 1211D.

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Anita 1000 LSI
Anita 1011 LSI
Anita 1011B LSI
Anita 1211 LSI


Anita 12312
Anita 1233D
Anita 1233P

ANITA Business Computer

Anita Business Computer

The Bell Punch Company & the Development of the Anita Calculator
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