ANITA Desk Calculators Using LSI Integrated Circuits


ANITA 1211 LSI (also known as the 1211D).

Power supply - AC mains.

Display is 12 digits, amber Panaplex type.

4- function, %.

Uses single Rockwell A1150PB IC.

222 mm X 135 mm X 88 mm (9" x 5.5" x 3.5").

Made in England by Sumlock Anita Electronics Ltd, distributed by Sumlock Comptometer Ltd.

Introduced in 1973[1].

Note - One key cap is missing in the machine photographed.

Note that some of the later models with displays may be referred to with or without a "D" designation, to distinguish them from the printer models with a "P" designation. For example this 1211 LSI was also referred to as the 1211D.

Inside ANITA 1211 LSI

Inside showing the circuit board and the single Rockwell LSI calculator integrated circuit on the right.


Catalog photograph of the Anita 1211 LSI where it is referred to as the 1211D to distinguish it from the 1211P version with printer instead of display, though the label on the calculator shows 1211 LSI.

From the journal 'Data Processing' of November 1973[1]:
"Desk-top display calculator.  Sumlock Comptometer has introduced a new miniature desk-top display calculator, the Anita 1211 LSI.  The new device incorporates a 12-digit display, as well as fully floating input, fully floating results or fixed output rounded to two or four places, selectable currency mode input, automatic constant, multiply and divide, repeat add or subtract, chain calculation facility and automatic percentage calculations.  It also features an accumulating store, duplexing of results to store, leading zero suppression, change sign facility, automatic underflow, error indication of results exceeding whole number capacity, and negative result sign indication.  Sumlock Comptometer Limited, Anita House, Rockingham Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex"



  1. "New Products", Data Processing, November 1973, p414.

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