ANITA Hand-held Calculators

Anita 851


Display is 8 digits, red LED.

4 functions, metric conversion.

4.5v (3x AA batteries).

Integrated circuit is Rockwell A4004PC (here date stamped 1974 week 52).

69 mm x 118 mm x 24 mm (2.8" x 4.7" x 1").

Sumlock Comptometer Ltd., England

Case stamped with the date code 8 75

The rear aluminium cover slides up to replace the batteries.

Has the three-pin adaptor socket so it can be powered from the ANITA AC Adaptor while containing disposable, non-rechargeable, batteries.

Inside Anita 851

As with all of the similar looking ANITA hand-held calculators there are three circuit boards which slide into slots in the plastic casing.

From below they are:

  • Clock and power supply board.
  • Main calculator and display board.
  • Keyboard.
Anita 851 circuit board

Close up of the main circuit board showing the Rockwell A4004PC integrated circuit (here date stamped 1974 week 52).
The line of grey devices are individual transistors used to drive the LED display above them.

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