Early Anita Desktop Calculators

Anita Mk 11


9-digit display.

A low-cost version of the ANITA Mk 12 (with reduced display capacity), introduced after the Mk 12, costing £298 (about US$ 710).  Few details of the electronics of this machine are available at the moment, but it appears that it has a hybrid of cold-cathode tubes (including a Dekatron) and transistors.

Introduced in 1968.

Price in 1968: £298[1] (about US$710).

There is an operating manual for this machine in the Operating Manuals & Leaflets section.



  1. "Focus on ANITA", advertisement, Office Methods and Machines, June 1968, p41.


If you have further information about the Anita Mk11 (especially photographs), the development of Anita calculators, or know of somebody who worked there, please get in touch with me.

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