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Sumlock Compucorp 325 & 326

Compucorp 325 & 326

"Sumlock 325 and 326 microcomputers with magnetic tape cassette unit."

Sumlock-Compucorp 325 and 326 microcomputers

The journal 'Data Processing' reported[1]:

"Hand-held microcomputer
Sumlock Anita believes that the new Sumlock Compucorp 325 desk-top microcomputer and the 326 hand-held version open the way for extremely cheap data processing in commerce, engineering, pathology, science, mathematics and finance.
    Both machines have a magnetic tape drive and cassette unit, enabling up to 100 000 program statements to be stored.  Programs can be read from the keyboard or magnetic tape in blocks of 160 or 416 program statements and 4000 data values can be read or written to the cassette.  Users can alter programs in memory and can watch the execution of a program one step at a time on the 12 digit display.  The machine language includes branching statements, six levels of subroutines, labelled addressing and seven conditional statements.  Over 100 operations for logarithms, trigonometry, statistics and metric conversions have been pre-programmed and hard-wired into the memory.  A printed record of computations is also available on the 355."


Made in the U.S.A. by Compucorp (Computer Design Corporation) of Los Angeles, and supplied as the OEM to Sumlock Anita Electronics Ltd.



  1. "Hand-held microcomputer", Data Processing, November-December 1974, p402.

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