Calculators sold by Sumlock and made by other companies
Sumlock Compucorp 344 Statistician

Sumlock Compucorp 344

Sumlock-Compucorp 344 Statistician

The display is 12 digits, amber 'Panaplex II' gas discharge.

The calculator is powered by 4x D size rechargeable cells.

This model has statistical functions and is programmable with two, independent, 80-step program memories.

140 mm x 230 mm x 70 mm (5.5" x 9" x 3").

Price in February 1974 GBP460[1]

Made in the U.S.A. by Compucorp (Computer Design Corporation) of Los Angeles, and supplied as the OEM to Sumlock Anita Electronics Ltd.



  1. Valry, Nicholas, "Calculators take the fuss out of computing", New Scientist, 7 February 1974, p327.

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